Monday, April 23, 2007

Chasing Fireflies ~ Charles Martin

Chasing Fireflies
Charles Martin
Hardcover: 356 pages
Thomas Nelson

ISBN-10: 1595540563
ISBN-13: 978-1595540560


"When paramedics find a malnourished 6-year-old boy near a burning car that holds a dead woman, they wonder who he is---and why he won't talk! Chase, a small-town journalist, is assigned to cover the story and investigate the boy's identity. But will his search unearth long-buried emotions about his own history?"

Reviewed by Gina Holmes

Charles Martin's, Chasing Fireflies is an amazing work of tragedy and hope, suffering and redemption. It is a masterfully written tale, told with heart and filled with surprises, both pleasant and painful.

Mr. Martin is the rarest of storytellers, as much poet as he is novelist. Fireflies should be enjoyed not only for it's wonderful story, but also for its brilliant literary value. Each word sings, and each page builds off the last to tell a story that is entertaining, thought provoking, truth seeking and redemptive. Outside of the Bible, there may not be a perfect book, but Martin once again, gets us joyfully close.

My highest recommendation for Chasing Fireflies to anyone who's ever wondered who they were, whose they were, or where they fit into this vast world. (And for all who simply enjoy an amazing read.)


batgirl said...

I can't wait to read this. Charles Martin is one of my favorites!

Ciera said...

I loved this book! It changed how I thought about God.