Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Adam Palmer's Knuckle Sandwich ~ Reviewed

Knuckle Sandwich
By Adam Palmer
Published by THINK (an imprint of NavPress)
ISBN -10: 1-60006-048-X

Knuckle Sandwich is the next big thing in Christian rock music. It's a band formed by three Midwestern college students with three very different dreams. Bassist Jeremiah wants to reach the lost, singer Matt wants to be a rock star, and drummer Liz … well, she just wants a new set.

But as the group moves from the youth group circuit to opening national tours,. The friends begin to experience the perils of celebrity. While Matt's ego grows faster then the bands success, Jeremiah and Liz find themselves on the brink of sexual relationship. Now as the band starts to implode, can anything save them from a Behind the Music-style meltdown?

I haven't read such an intriguing book in a while. Witty and fresh, Palmer tackles some tough questions and sensitive subjects. Targeted at the young adult market, the book delivers a good message, laced with biting humor, and the credibility of an insider's view. All too often, characters' spiritual journeys seem contrived. Palmer's ring with veritable honesty. Knuckle Sandwich is a book both teens and their parents will enjoy.

Reviewed by Ane Mulligan

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