Friday, July 28, 2006

Susan Wales & Robin Shope's The Replacement ~ Reviewed

The Replacement
By Susan Wales & Robin Shope
Published by Revell
ISBN: 0800731115

Breaking news from beyond the Beltway! Investigative reporter Jill Lewis and her F.B.I. fiancé, John, have no secrets---except when it comes to their jobs. When a prominent senator is assassinated, Jill is on the story, digging up evidence of scandal. Suddenly John disappears. Was he working on the case, too? Is he still alive?

The Replacement contains one of the more creative murders I've encountered in fiction. It's also the first thriller I've read that serves up a recipe. Great idea on the recipe. The murder, well, not so appetizing.

An interesting mix of a chick-lit type heroine without the posse of girlfriends and a twisting plot line with moderate to heavy romance made for a unique read. Several plot twists and unexpected happenings are sprinkled liberally throughout.

Jill Lewis was a little difficult to bond with. A little too perfect for my taste, but I'm drawn to those deeply mortal characters that make some people crazy.

If you don't mind things that go creep in the night, this is a mid intensity thriller. More plot, less fluff than chick-lit and spiced with some serious flirtation, The Replacement would make a nice vacation read. Political thriller fans might want to check it out.

Reviewed by Kelly Klepfer

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