Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Best of Evil ~ Eric Wilson

The Best of Evil
Eric Wilson
352 pages
WaterBrook Press
September, 2006

ISBN: 1578569117

Book Description:

“'Spare your soul,” he ranted, “and turn your eyes from greed.…”The tattoos on his arms still reading “Live by the Sword” and “Die by the Sword,” Aramis Black is ready for a fresh start. Determined to set aside his violent tendencies, he opens an espresso shop in Nashville and begins to put his childhood memories behind him. The past isn’t finished with him, though. One ordinary day at the shop, a man is shot before his eyes, speaking dying words to Aramis that are all too familiar.Aramis realizes that his path to freedom will demand forgiveness–forgiveness from God and forgiveness of others. Along the way, he must uncover the conspiracy behind a centuries-old mystery and the shocking truth of his mother’s death. The question remains: Will Aramis be able to conquer his past, or will evil get the best of him?"

Reviewed by Gina Holmes:

Aramis Black is a twenty-something coffee bar owner, trying to turn his life around until his world is turned upside down by a centuries old mystery.

This enigma that may hold clues to his mother's murder ... if only Aramis Black can get the best of evil, before evil gets the best of him.

Eric Wilson masterfully weaves together mysteries from past and present in this gutsy thriller. Wilson is an extraordinary wordsmith with one of the freshest voices in fiction today.

The Best of Evil is first-rate suspense!


Eric Wilson said...

Gina, your check is in the mail. LOL. Thanks for the great review; it gives some fuel to my writing of the second Aramis Black book, A SHRED OF TRUTH.

Gina Holmes said...

Good. I need the cash.

I've been encouraged by many over this last year to check out your writing and you're every bit as good as I've heard. The wordsmithing is what impressed me most. I can tell you put a lot of thought into each word choice. And the characters really lived and breathed. Excellent job ... and stop insinuating I'm a liar. I think your writing rocks!

kc said...

No way do you have a copy of this already!!!
I'm jealous. :)
Can't wait to read it.