Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Claudia Mair Burney's, Murder, Mayhem and a Fine Man

Murder, Mayhem and a Fine Man
Claudia Maire Burney
Navpress (July 5, 2006)
ISBN: 1576839788


"For Amanda Bell Brown, turning 40 isn't hard---it's murder! All she wants is to enjoy her favorite TV crime show. But instead, she ends up with her own mystery to investigate, including two corpses, a hunk of a detective, and a gorgeous red dress. A madman's on the loose . . . can Amanda save the day and snag a good man?"

Reviewed by: Gina Holmes

Claudia Burney's debut novel is outstanding. Though officially in the murder category, it's a unique blend of romance, chick-lit, mystery and women's fiction.The characters are three dimensional, all with their own intriguing backstory that comes to light naturally within the story.To say this is sassy would be an understatement. It is honest. It is fresh. It is funny and satisfying. I LOVED this book. The plot was great. The romance was hot. And the writing stellar.I HIGHLY recommend Murder, Mayhem & a Fine Man to those who like a little mystery with their romance. An amazing first novel.Claudia Mair Burney has got it going on!


Eric Wilson said...

Great book. The review is absolutely accurate. A friend of mine who has fought off cultish activity in her family agrees that this is not only entertaining, but vitally important.

Way to go, Mair!

Gina Holmes said...

Thanks, Eric. I read your review on Amazon as well. More eloquent than mine but hopefully at least it comes through that I thought it was excellent.