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Jeff Nesbit's Peace ~ Reviewed

By Jeff Nesbit
Published by Summerside Press
ISBN# 978-1609360436
367 Pages

Back Cover:

In this first book in the Principalities and Powers series, Israel has just attacked Iran’s nuclear facilities, triggering a chain of potentially cataclysmic events around the planet. Will leaders and the "salt of the earth" - great and small - be able to intervene before events spin out of control? Nash Lee, an NGO entrepreneur, is determined to make a difference through his worldwide ivillage network. Kim Grace, a nuclear scientist imprisoned in North Korea’s secret Camp 16, knows the truth about the devastating technology she helped develop. Anshel Gould, the brilliant chief of staff at the White House, has created a radical peace plan based on the long-forgotten UN proposal for Palestine after the Second World War. But is there a way to stop what seems unstoppable? What Iran, Israel, North Korea, and other earthly principalities and powers decide next could lead to global confrontation. . . .

Based on extensive research about the coming global conflicts surrounding Israel and the leaders who will shortly play important roles in those conflicts, the Principalities & Powers series also confronts the biggest issue facing the Christian church today—its historical role as the "salt of the earth," preserving the planet from corruption at critical moments in world history.


In the back of the book there’s a Q & A section with the author that will make your hair stand at attention, make your heart race and will also bring the reader to their knees at the urgency to pray for peace in Israel. I’m thankful to have received a review copy of such a timely book. Through the interview, one realizes just how real most of the events in Peace are and some are happening right now.

The author says, “At no other time in history have the stakes been so high. Individuals and nations-states contend for power and control of the earth, and Israel is at the very center struggle.” Jeff Nesbit has been a national journalist for many years. Who better to write Peace and give us an insight through eyes that have been in the very locations he describes. Jeff pens a master chess match with very powerful pieces on this board of life, playing a dangerous game, with all its members racing to take over the world. There is no do-over button in this game...only massive destruction.

The author answers questions such as "Is a Fisson-Fusion-Fission Doomsday bomb like the one in the novel built by North Korea – really possible?" Unfortunately, it is possible…..

"Is Iran, in fact, building secret uranium-enrichment facilities inside revolutionary guard compounds throughout Iran?" Yes, in at least one instance….

"Is it really possible to develop a world wide text-message network with data bases, media and messaging that work even in repressive, totalitarian countries?" Yes, absolutely….

"Would Israel really consider the use of tactical nuclear weapons to destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons plants bunkered inside Iran’s revolutionary guards’ compounds?" According to published reports in the Times of London…Israel has drawn up plans to use tactical nuclear weapons…

When I look at the map inside the book I’m always amazed at the size of Israel and the fighting that’s gone on there. Alas, this is a Holy war and the fight is against principalities and powers, not flesh and blood! It’s a fascinating and scary read when you realize most of the information in this book is real and/or close to happening soon.

This a book you can’t rush through or you’ll be lost. The author marks the beginning of each chapter so the reader knows where this chapter will take place. I had to stay focused in order to grasp all the author wanted to share. I’m not a history buff nor do I daily keep up with current events, so I struggled a little and consulted my husband, who is on top of current affairs, to verify many points in this book that didn’t seem real to me. But to my dismay, they were. Jeff Nesbit was a national journalist and the director of public affairs in Washington, D.C. He sees and understands the global picture, has seen and experienced far more than he’s put in this book I’m sure and explains the big picture of world events in a very unique and interesting way. This is the first book in the series...oh, my, buckle up your seat belt and get ready for his second book. I’m sure it will prove to be just as enlightening and make the reader realize that through technology the planet is a very small place; there are eyes and ears tracking information everywhere! It also showed me that we need to pray for those in authority, that they can decipher this information and determine what is “real”. That is the rub!

Reviewed by:Nora St.Laurent

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