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McCusker and Larimore's The Influenza Bomb ~ Reviewed

The Influenza Bomb
By Paul McCusker and Walt Larimore M.D.
Published by Howard Books
ISBN# 978-1416569756
448 Pages

Back Cover:

Siberian hospitals are overrun with what looks like the Spanish Flu of 1918. When Dr. Susan Hutchinson arrives, she learns that the outbreak began when the missing Professor Weigel had a run-in with an ecoterrorist group called Return to Earth. In a race against time, can she stop them before they destroy all of mankind? .


We first met Mark Carlson and the TSI team (Time Scene Investigators) in the Gabon Virus. If you haven’t read this prequel to the Influenza Bomb, stop, step away from the Bomb book and click on the link below to order it. It is a fast paced thriller. That however is an entirely different review.

Assuming now that you are up to speed and have invested a sleepless night blistering through the pages of the Gabon Virus, let me tell you about the next treat in store for you from the word processors of Paul McCusker and Walt Larimore M.D.

The TSI Team and the WHO (World Health Organization) still haven’t fully recovered from their wrenching battle with the diabolical Return to Earth terrorist organization, whose goal is to eliminate all human life on the planet, expect maybe them. You know.

Susan Hutchinson, with WHO is call to Siberia when another illness begins killing thousands, suddenly, by what is soon identified as another terrorist attack with global, pandemic repercussions.

Personally I loved this book as much as the first in the series, and couldn’t put it down for long. It is hard charging and suspense filled with characters that have depth that you care about. Obviously there is a Time Scene involved with the story, and in this case we get to travel back to WWI on through WWII, where the Nazi leaders were experimenting with and launching germ warfare attacks against the Allied Armies. The historic recreations are realistic. You find yourself running to the computer to look up aspects. It is a fascinating work of fiction that involves Nazi hideouts, dastardly villains and new technology taken to frightening levels of abuse. I loved it!

Review by Fred St Laurent
The Book Club Network


Can you say whirlwind? This is the fastest that I have read a book in a long time, especially with AppleBlossom running around (yes that's right, my barely ten month old daughter is running...). I could not turn the pages fast enough. I could not find enough time to sit and read as long and as much as I craved to. Every time line, every plot was bam bam bam, give me more!!

Last August, I was able to experience the first book in the TSI (Time Scene Investigators) series The Gabon Virus: A Novel. I knew then that I wanted more and I was not disappointed with this second novel in The Influenza Bomb: A Novel. I was on the edge of my seat turning the page. I was terrified and excited. The characters are real and the enemies true evil, but perfectly appropriate to the mentalities of the world today in both our history and future.

Through out the story I was able to delve down deeply into conspiracies and myth surround the first and second Great World Wars as well as Hitler and his Nazi regime. The facts were fascinating and it was incredible how this team of authors worked the mystery into the medical drama. Without giving anything away, I'm sputtering for speech.

All and all, the best word for it, Love. I love this book, I love this series and I want more!

Reviewed by: Margaret Chind

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