Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Marcia Laycock's One Smooth Stone ~ Reviewed

Title: One Smooth Stone
Author: Marcia Lee Laycock
Publisher: Castle Quay Books, October 2007
Genre: Contemporary Fiction, Suspense
ISBN 189486034-9
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When 21-year-old Alex sees an outboard beach just below his isolated Yukon cabin, he’s apprehensive. But little does he know how the appearance of lawyer George from Seattle will change his life. Against better judgment he leaves with George and is soon facing not only his old demons but discovering new ones. He’s quickly on the lam again.

And so in One Smooth Stone, a debut novel by Canadian author Marcia Lee Laycock, we have the tale of a young man fleeing from his past only to encounter Someone who keeps dogging his steps at every turn.

Laycock’s plot is twisty and fast-paced with trouble heaped upon trouble. Major characters Alex and Kenni are complex and sympathetic, minors Bill and Ruby brilliant in their blackness. Laycock’s own experience of living in the north shows through in her plausible portrayal of Yukon life with its coterie of colorful people. The isolation sets off the rugged players and fits this somber story well.

For a somber tale it is, dealing with abuse (physical and sexual), abortion, family – and lack of it – anger, revenge and, finally, forgiveness and a new beginning. The book is boldly Christian in its answers and the reader is left with an aftertaste of hope.
One Smooth Stone would make a perfect Christmas stocking stuffer and a lively winter companion.

Reviewed by: Violet Nesdoly

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The Koala Bear Writer said...

This is one of the best books I've read lately... Marcia writes a riveting tale that keeps you flipping the pages to find the answers. Alex is portrayed very realistically with honest, deep questions about God that get answered well.