Monday, November 05, 2007

Beverly Lewis/Laura Nikiel's Walking in Jesse's Shoes ~ Reviewed

Walking in Jesse’s Shoes
By Beverly Lewis
Illustrated by Laura Nikiel
ISBN 978-0-7642-0313-8

Help your child understand those with special needs

What parent hasn’t urged son or daughter not to stare at or tease a child who is “different” or disabled in some way?

In this sensitive yet realistic story, Jesse’s sister struggles to understand her brother—and the kids who make fun of him. This endearing book will encourage families everywhere to appreciate and befriend children with special needs.

There was a little girl named Allie. Every time her and her brother go to school he wanders around so they always miss the school bus. One day when Allie came home she says “I’ll never understand you.” and her father says “Of course you don’t because you’ve never walked in Jesse’s shoes.”

The next day Jesse took off his shoes and Allie put them on. But you’ll have to read the book to know what happens next.

I liked this book because it taught me that when you learn about somebody you get to know them really well. Then you’ll understand why they do weird stuff.

The pictures are very great. [Mom's note: We are a family with a special needs child. I loved this book and think it is a great way to help parents of special needs kids talk with their non-special needs kids]

Bye for now, Caitie.
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Anonymous said...

I have read this book and LOVED the message. I am the mother of a special needs child and it is hard to explain your situation to the other siblings in the house. This book is a stepping stool to communication. I actually have read this to the two older siblings of the special needs child. I saw lights go on behind thier eyes. A real delight and a connection when they walk in their brothers shoes. :)