Sunday, November 11, 2007

Katy Pistole's The Palomino ~ Reviewed

Note: This is an older series and may have limited availability. But Caitie enjoyed it and took the time to write the review and we have a quiet week, so we're going to post it.

The Palomino
by Katy Pistole
Pacific Press
ISBN 0-8163-1863-8

The Sonrise Farm Series
Book One
A young girl’s daring rescue of an abused horse, and their adventures.

Jenny Thomas has her heart set on one thing – a golden Palomino all her own. But it seems like the only horse she will ever have is the one in the poster on her bedroom wall. At least there’s horse camp to look forward to—if she can earn the money.

Jenny’s week at Sonrise Farms is pure heaven! Her natural talent in the saddle [and hard work cleaning stalls] leads to a dream job and the happiest summer of her life. Along with lessons in horsemanship, Jenny learns to trust God more and more. With her dad’s help, she commits her heart and her life to Jesus. Her growing faith and maturity will serve Jenny well in the life-and-death challenges she will face with her beloved horses. An auction and a jumping competition become the ultimate tests for Jenny’s skills, and her faith as well.

Come meet Jenny Thomas and her courageous Palomino mare Sunny. Their inspirational adventures are based on true stories, and are sure to inspire horse lovers of all ages. Beautifully written by Katy Pistole, this first volume of the Sonrise Farm series, will help children learn more about horses and God’s redeeming grace.

It's me, Caitie, and this week we have The Palomino by Katy Pistole.I LOVED this story. It's about a girl named Jenny Thomas and her dad loses his job because his boss lost his money when someone stole it from the company. Jenny wants to go to horse camp but it was $200. That much money surprised her.This book was mostly happy but kind of sad. I won't tell you the end but I really liked it. I think people should read it.Watch for my interview with Katy Pistole in a couple of weeks. If you have a question you'd like me to ask her, leave that in my comments too!!

Bye for now-Caitie
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