Friday, November 16, 2007

James Scott Bell ~ Try Dying

Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: Center Street (October 24, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1599956845
ISBN-13: 978-1599956848

Book Description:

"Ty Buchanan is a rising star in his L.A. law firm, until the suspicious death of his fiancee forces him into the underbelly of the city to discover the truth behind her death. He soon has more than his career on the line, as he finds himself tangled up with a mysterious group of former gang members, and becomes the target of a killer."

Reviewed by Gina Holmes

Amazing characterization, engaging plot, and impeccable writing--James Scott Bell's Try Dying is an excellent novel, well suited for the big screen. The super-short, action-packed chapters serve the story well and make for a riveting page-turner.

The plot is an intriguing one, reminiscent of The Fugitive, with an innocent man, good yet fallible, trying to prove his innocence while tracking down the real killer.

The characters are well fleshed, unique and engaging. The path Bell takes his protagonist on is not just one seeking to clear his name, but an inner journey which changes him in a most unexpected way. After closing Try Dying, readers will be left asking bigger questions of their own lives. Is it all about the pursuit of BMW's and Starbucks or is there something more, something bigger?

Try Dying-the title sums up the spiritual theme perfectly. This is not an overtly Christian book, but is a perfect gift to get anyone thinking on the bigger picture.

Can't wait for the movie, Jim!

Bonus Review:

In this fast paced thriller, Try Dying, lawyer Ty Buchanan is faced with the grim reality that his life is forever changed on a wet Tuesday morning in December when a man, Ernesto Bonilla, decides to end his life and his wife’s as well in a murder suicide. The problem with Ernesto’s suicide was that it happened on an overpass of a busy road in Los Angeles. He pulled the trigger causing his fall onto Jacqueline Dwyer’s car as she drove to work that morning.

The chain of events for Ty Buchanan flies quickly from grief to trying to find the killer of his fiancée, all while trying one of the biggest cases of his career. While I read this book, I was rooting for Ty Buchanan. James Scott Bell is a definite master of his craft. His mixture of humor, suspense and mental pictures is a great combination.

The only thing that I can compare this book to is a show that was canceled a few years ago called Eli Stone. The only difference between Ty Buchanan and Eli Stone is Eli had a brain tumor. Ty Buchanan just mentally snaps while trying to prepare for a major trial against big bully lawyer, Barton Walbert. While Ty is also dealing with investigating the death of his fiancée, he is assaulted physically several times. I ask… Wouldn’t YOU snap too while being bullied and tired of basically being told what to do from the gang thugs, his boss and Barton Walbert? I believe this book is a fun adventure and suspenseful pleasure to read. I give Try Dying a 4 ½ out of 5 stars.

Be blessed!

Reviewed by:
Bradley Evans

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