Friday, November 30, 2007

Christa Ann Banister's Around the World in 80 Dates ~ Reviewed

Around the World in 80 Dates
Christa Ann Banister
Paperback: 283 pages
Publisher: NavPress Publishing Group (October 15, 2007)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 160006177X
ISBN-13: 978-1600061776

Click here to read an interview with Christa (11-30-07)

Cover Copy:

Where's my happily ever after?

Sydney Alexander is a travel writer. She's a very well-dressed travel writer -- hasn't yet met a shoe or clearance sale she could pass up. She's funny. She's got a great relationship with her sis. She's got a hilarious next-door neighbor, Rain, who happens to be a hippie. And she's got a wonderful relationship with God. So what's missing?

A decent date. A date where she doesn't have to pay because he's "between jobs. A date where she's not fabulously fashionably ready to go only to learn "the band just got a last-minute gig" and he has to cancel. A date she wants to kiss good night, not run screaming from. Is that really to much to ask?

My review:

Around the World in 80 Dates is adorable. The description above does not do the book justice. Christa Ann Banister has a perfect chick-lit voice and is not afraid to use it. Classic, name brands, coffee shops, ice cream binges, girlfriends, guys and drama.

Chick-lit fans need to look into Around the World. Those with a love of quirk need to check it out.

Great descriptive writing through the eyes of sarcastic-witted Sydney as her life unfolds in the classic "what else can go wrong" format. Wacky omniscient peeks into the lives of her inner circle of friends are inserted throughout the novel.

Surprisingly, Around the World contains a spiritual message that will encourage patient twenty-and-thirty- something ladies-in-waiting. I will caution more sensitive readers...if you have any issues with alcohol, dating, or movie choices for Christians, consider yourself forewarned that you may disagree with some of Sydney and companies' entertainment choices.

This is one of the more fun reads I've devoured this year. I will definitely look forward to more from Christa Ann Banister. I'd also love to have a cup of coffee with her the next time I visit Mall of America.

Reviewed by:

Kelly Klepfer

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