Thursday, December 14, 2006

Terri Blackstock's Night Light ~ Reviewed

Night Light
Volume Two in A Restoration Novel series.
By Terri Blackstock
Published by Zondervan
ISBN: 0310257689

In this second book of the A Restoration Novel series, the Branning family still struggles to adapt to a simpler lifestyle, forced upon them by a worldwide catastrophe. A mysterious force has caused all the electronics on earth to fail, throwing technology dependant societies back into horse and buggy days. Automobiles with their advanced microchip dependency molder in garages, unable to run. It really doesn't matter, since there is no power to pump fuel. Running water is a thing of the past, as is garbage collection, any speed internet, and phone service, cell or landline. As people become more desperate, lawlessness increases.

The Branning family, pre-catastrophe, lived the life of upper class suburbanites. Now they are forced to boil their own water, barter for food, and learn new methods to survive in this unfamiliar world. But they are better off than many of their fellow townspeople. When their food is stolen by four abandoned and hungry children, they are faced with a new reality, one of third world conditions in their own backyard. Their newfound faith won't let them turn their backs on the squalor or the four waifs. They take the three boys and little girl into their own home as they try to locate the children's mother. The search leads them into evil and dangerous territory and risks the lives of two of the children.

Night Light explores an intriguing concept-how would modern society, with its dependence on technology adapt to a post-technological world? A frightening prospect to say the least. Night Light follows the Branning family-husband and former stockbroker Doug, soccer mom wife Kay, twenty-two year old Deni, sixteen year old Jeff, twelve year old Beth and nine year old Play Station addict Logan as each learns to adapt to this new lifestyle none of them want, but must inhabit.

I found it a little difficult to get into the story, but I suspect that is because I haven't read the first book in the series, Last Light, which begins the Branning's journey. I feel like I've missed a whole dimension of these characters by starting with the second book instead of the first. My suggestion, start with Last Light, then Night Light. The third book in the series, True Light, releases next summer.

Review by Cheryl Russell

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