Saturday, December 30, 2006

Deborah Raney's Remember to Forget ~ Reviewed

Remember to Forget
By Deborah Raney
Published by Howard Books, February 6, 2007
ISBN 10: 1-58229-643-X

What if you could leave the past behind and begin your life all over again? What if you had a chance to walk away from mistakes in your past and reinvent yourself? That's exactly what graphic designer Maggie Anderson is offered when a terrifying carjacking leaves her alive and well, but stranded a hundred miles away from her New York apartment—and her abusive boyfriend. When a kind stranger offers Maggie a ride, she impulsively directs her west, away from her life in New York. After a grueling cross-country journey, confused, heartbroken, and without a penny, she winds up in tiny Clayburn, Kansas—and the beginning of a brand new life. There she meets Trevor Ashlock and begins to realize that she can never truly outrun who she is or the past that threatens to reappear if she doesn't tell Trevor the truth. Remember to Forget is the unforgettable story of second chances that holds the promise of starting over, of creating a new life in God's care and under His plan.

Raney's done it again! With artistic panache, she's penned a unique plot filled with rich characters that spring to cinematic life. Although I've never been in an abusive relationship, I easily identified with Maggie's fear of divulging her past. Each of Raney's characters is believable, created with thoroughness and a unique past that adds depth. I was gripped by the imagination from the first page and didn't set it down until I finished it. I've found all of Raney's books to be page-turners—even her first book.

Deborah Raney is a born story-teller. One of the best. And she keeps getting better and better, although this one will be hard to top. Novel Reviews gives Remember to Forget its highest recommendation – 5 stars and prediction of it being a 2007 Best Book.

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Gina Holmes said...

So you liked it then? :) Great review, Ane. Deb's awesome.