Friday, December 29, 2006

Mindy Starns Clark's Blind Dates Can Be Murder ~ Reviewed

Blind Dates Can Be Murder
By Mindy Starns Clark
Published by Harvest House Publishers
ISBN-10: 0736914862

Jo Tulip, household tips expert, has joined a dating service—Dates&Mates—at her agent's urging, in order to build her blog's readership. The date is not going well. Her "perfect match" is twice her age, half her height, balding and currently on the floor, in the grip of an asthma attack. His inhaler is empty and she runs to his car to see if he has another one. There's no inhaler, but there is a gun, rope, knife and duct tape under a map and a kidnap victim in the trunk.

Lettie Smith is a skimmer. She steals credit card information from customers at her current job, then passes them on to her boss. The job used to be her husband Chuck's, but she took over when he was sent to prison. She's trying to save enough money to escape to South America, away from Chuck and his abuse. But time is running short as his release date draws near.

The paths of these two very different women converge when Jo's blind date story hits the airwaves. The report is seen by Lettie's boss, and he's convinced she has something of his in her possession. He intends to get it back, by any means necessary.

When Chuck shows up sooner than expected, things take a violent turn and both women find themselves fighting to survive.

Blind Dates Can Be Murder follows The Trouble With Tulip, books in the Smart Chick Mystery series. Well-written with a plot that constantly twists and turns, it's a good read on a winter afternoon.

Cheryl Russell

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