Sunday, December 03, 2006

Janice A. Thompson's The Wedding Caper ~ Reviewed

The Wedding Caper
By: Janice A. Thompson
Published by Mountain Breeze Ministries
ISBN 1-59789-524-5

What’s a wife to think when her husband waltzes into the house and hands her $25,000.00 in cold hard cash? Is he a betting man, a lottery winner, or a burglar? With twin daughters planning weddings just months apart, the thoughts of mega dollars bounced through her head.

Annie Peterson knows her husband Warren all too well, and he isn’t a thief. At least she didn’t think so. Her overactive imagination went into overdrive the day Warren handed her the money in a brown envelope without an explanation. To beat all, the Savings and Loan he worked at was short a night deposit for the exact amount in the bag.

Sure, Warren was a good man, a great father, a leader in their church, and honest. Or she thought he was. Annie couldn’t imagine he was a crook – even with the expense of not one, but two dream weddings in the planning.

Annie, convinced to exonerate her husband in her own mind, sets out to become an investigator. Her expertise comes from her wit and her internet sleuthing course she purchased at Her goal is simple – solve the mystery of the missing deposit.

Janice A. Thompson brings a humorous mixture of “I Love Lucy” antics into this well-written work. Her integration of the importance of a daily devotional time and learning to follow God’s lead in her life, brings a sense of joy into her novel.

Valuable lessons on honesty, trust and a personal faith are intertwined beautifully between the pages of this crime solving mystery. The Wedding Caper, the first in a series of contemporary humorous wedding mysteries from Barbour Publishing, sets Ms. Thompson up for a solid future as a novelist.

Her hilarious take on friendship leaves the reader laughing out loud. This cozy mystery gets a five star rating and a promise you’ll never look at “Softly and Tenderly” in the same light again.

A definite must for any avid reader’s favorite list, The Wedding Caper will capture your heart…and the criminal.

Reviewed by Cindy Sproles

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