Tuesday, April 18, 2006

When Crickets Cry, Charles Martin

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: WestBow Press

April, 2006
ISBN: 1595540547

Book Description:

In a small town square of a sleepy Georgia town, seven-year-old Annie sits at her lemonade stand, raising money for her own heart transplant. At a nearby store, Reese flips through the newspaper, thinking about the latest boat he's restoring. As a beat-up bread truck careens around the corner, a strong wind blows Annie's money into the road. Reese looks up in time to see Annie's yellow dress fluttering in the wind as she runs into the road. What happens next will change both of their lives forever.
Richly atmospheric and evocative, with the kind of characters that move into your heart and take up residence, Charles Martin's new novel will resonate with fans of southern fiction, and with anyone who enjoys a solidly crafted, heart-touching story.

Reviewed by Gina Holmes

Annie is dying, but the little girl isn't the only one in need of a heart transplant. Her new friend Reese has a secret that could save them both if only he'll let go of the past and be the man God created him to be. When Crickets Cry is lyrical and lovely. I found myself dog-earing every other page because of some quote worthy line. This writer is amazing. With stunning prose, the story is fleshed out on every level. This is a book you'll want to curl up with, turn the phone ringer off and savor. When Crickets Cry is one of the finest modern novels out there. This book will be a classic and this gifted author will be listed among the literary greats of our time.

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Ane Mulligan said...

You make me want to be sure I don't miss this one. Thanks, Gina!