Thursday, April 06, 2006

DiAnn Mills' Leather and Lace~Reviewed

Leather and Lace
By DiAnn Mills
Paperback 316 pages
Published by Barbour
ISBN 1-59789-127-4

Casey O'Hare forsakes the years she spent in an outlaw gang for a chance to start her life anew. But no one leaves Dave Jenkins and lives. Pursued by the gang, Casey is trapped by a mysterious stranger who takes her as a pawn to get to Jenkins. A strikingly handsome lawyer, could this Morgan Andrews be an angel sent to deliver her—or the devil setting her up for the kill?

DiAnn Mills delivers up another gripping tale of faith and forgiveness wrapped in romance. Casey and Morgan both have seemingly insurmountable pasts to overcome. Casey has a price on her head in more than one state, and Morgan has his own ghosts to put to rest. Not an unusual romantic plot, except perhaps for Casey's former occupation.

What makes this story stand out is the way Mills creates characters who are memorable. While the title refers to the hero and heroine, I found Casey herself to be both leather and lace. Worn weary from running, she longs for a new life—to be ladylike. She delights in the new dress she buys, but is completely at home on the back of her stallion, Stampede, galloping at breakneck speed. When needed, she can handle a pistol like a gunslinger.

While hiding out from the law and outlaws, Casey encounters other characters that are terrific. From the wise Sarah, whom Casey nurses, to the irrepressible Bonnie, Mills has given us another novel that induces a sigh when you turn the last page—a very pleasurable read.

Reviewed by Ane Mulligan

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Ruth said...

I absolutely loved this book (reviewed it on my Xanga blog a week or so ago). It was terrific -- can't wait till #2 is released!