Saturday, April 15, 2006

Debra White Smith's Picture Perfect~Reviewed

Picture Perfect
by Debra White Smith
Paperback: 332 pages
Published by Harvest House
ISBN: 0736916679

Supermodel Kim Lan Lowery has it All; exquisite beauty wealth, an engagement to famous heartthrob Ted Curry, and a close circle of friends.
When a secret admirer sends flowers and love notes, Kim is flattered. As the letters become strangely possessive, she desperately searches for someone she can trust. While she grapples with the impact of her faith on her career, Kim senses the Lord tugging her to take part in a mission trip to Vietnam. But when trip coordinator Mick O'Donnel refuses her application because of her celebrity status, sparks fly. Their lifestyles clash and their values collide, but they also battle a deep undercurrent of passion.
Finally embarking on the trip, Kim feels secure until her admirer reveals his true identity.

The beautiful cover of this book captured my attention. I read the back and thought a story about a model going on a mission trip to Vietnam sounded interesting. The fact that she also had a psycho stalker made me want to read it. The story was fast paced from the beginning and held my attention to the end. The spiritual theme was strong, but not preachy. The hero was the ideal Christian man, and though he didn't have the drop-dead good looks that the heroine's fiance possessed, his love for the Lord is what attracted the heroine.

She and the hero couldn't have been more different, yet at heart they both wanted to serve the Lord. The heroine was very wealthy, and when Jesus impressed on her heart the need to give up everything to follow Him, she resisted at first. How many of us want to serve God, but with the conditions we impose firmly in place? We want to give Him most of our heart, but not all.

I enjoyed going on this journey with Mick and Kim Lan. I found the tension and romantic aspect of the story very gratifying. The fact that she had a stalker waiting in the wings made it an edge-of-your-seat kind of read. Overall, I'd say this book was a real winner, and it was so well-written it makes me want to read the rest of the novels in the Sisters Suspense series.

Michelle T. Sutton
Writing truth into fiction...digging deeper, soaring higher Great Beginnings finalist 2005
Writer/fiction reviewer

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