Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tamera Alexander ~ Rekindled

By Tamera Alexander

Paperback 334 pages
Bethany House Publishers
ISBN 0764201085
March 2006

In her debut novel, Rekindled, author Tamera Alexander takes readers to early Colorado Territory where she weaves a tale in which human matters of the 1850’s compellingly mirror issues faced by today’s society. Rekindled, as the name suggests, is a skillfully written story of second chances filled with warmth, grace, and intrigue.

Larson Jennings longs to be a better man, but when he is involved in a horrific accident that rips him away from home, his hope to give his wife the life he believes she deserves seems to vanish.

After waiting months for her husband to return, Kathryn Jennings grapples with how to live her life without Larson. Even as she grieves her husband’s absence, she can’t shake the feeling he is still alive; at least within her heart.

In Fountain Creek, where brothels, churches, and banks are within walking distance of one another, Kathryn struggles to keep her husband’s ranch from going under; all while warily fending off advances of unwanted suitors and risking her reputation as God leads her to befriend others in less fortunate situations than her own.

Every day that Kathryn and Larson are apart is a fight for their survival - and as they wrangle with life and especially with God, readers will be enticed by the plot’s twists and turns up until the very last page.

Lovers of historical fiction, as well as contemporary fiction fans, will be inspired by Rekindled as they are tenderly led to the promise of hope and redemption through God’s mercy in the lives of sympathetic characters that are well-drawn and similar to our own.

Reviewed by Tina Gray

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Gina Holmes said...

Great review, Tina. Thanks for sharing it with us! Sounds like an excellent read.