Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Susan May Warren's Nothing But Trouble ~ Reviewed

By Susan May Warren
Published by Tyndale
ISBN# 978-4143-1312-2
348 Pages

Back Cover:

It's not fair to say that trouble happens every time PJ Sugar is around, but it feels that way when she returns to her home town, looking for a fresh start. Within a week, her former teacher is murdered and her best friend's husband is arrested as the number-one suspect. Although the police detective investigating the murder—who also happens to be PJ's former flame—is convinced it's an open-and-shut case, PJ's not so sure. She begins digging for clues in an effort to clear her friend’s husband and ends up reigniting old passions, uncovering an international conspiracy, and solving a murder along the way. She also discovers that maybe God can use a woman who never seems to get it right.


PJ’s back in her hometown to attend her sister’s wedding. Her nickname in High School was NBT—Nothing But Trouble. PJ says this about herself, “Ever since I’ve been back, I’ve felt like…like I’ve been sucked back in time. Like I’m walking around in my old body, but there’s this new person inside screaming. However, no matter what I do, she’s locked in there, and I’m destined to be the person I left behind.”

PJ’s become a Christian and has changed but the people she used to know still treat her same; no one knew the circumstances that caused her to run from home. PJ says, “Perhaps God could use her, just a little. In fact, if she stretched her faith...she might even believe that He’d sent her home for this very reason.”

Trudi's husband is arrested for murder - Trudi is PJ’s best friend in High School. PJ is not going to let an innocent man be blamed for something she knew he didn’t do. PJ is frustrated with her patience level. She needed God’s help more than ever to deal with the pain of her past as she chases down clues to find the real murderer.

I love how PJ explains her faith. “I’m not talking about going to church. I’m talking about being a different person—thinking differently and wanting different things than I did before. I’m not the girl I was when I left.”

Her old boyfriend, Boone, tells PJ since she is a Christian now—which means more than just going to church--shouldn’t she forgive like Jesus did? Ouch! I could relate to PJ on so many levels, she tried hard to say and do the right things. I enjoyed PJ and this story. She’s honest, real and loyal, unlike the friends of her past.

This is the first book in the PJ Sugar series. I can’t wait to find out what happens next in book two called, Double Trouble.

Reviewed by: Nora St.Laurent
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