Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ron Pridmore's Templeton Turtle Goes Exploring ~ Reviewed

Templeton Turtle Goes Exploring
By Ron Pridmore
Bridgeway Books
ISBN 978-1-934454-21-3


When Templeton Turtle hatches from his egg, he can't wait to start exploring on his own and making new friends. But as he explores the big pond, Templeton realizes that not all the animals are friendly, and some can be scary! Then, when Mr. Blue rescues him from being trampled and returns him safely to his mother, Templeton learns that the animals around the pond take care of one another, no matter what their differences are.

Join Templeton Turtle in this heartwarming story as he embarks on his first adventure, makes new friends, and shows children the importance of community in this beautifully illustrated book.


This book is about a turtle who is exploring the forest. He just hatched from an egg, and he wants to go make some friends. He meets a blue heron, a snake, a frog, and a pack of raccoons. I like this book especially because in the end the animals are nice to each other and take care of each other.

Review by Meg A. age 9

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