Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Davy Lui's Fire Fish ~ Reviewed

Fire Fish
By Davy Lui
Kendu Films Productions
ISBN 978-0-615-19233-8

In this golden fable, three little fish, Sarai, RaaOn and Sesom, dare to embark on a grand and dangerous quest to find their hearts’ desire. Their journey is inspired by the legend of the FIRE FISH, mystical masters of the Bright Beyond.

Never more than a fin-flip away from deadly danger, they tumble from one breathtaking exploit to another, using the power of “the call” to guide them through a world bigger than they ever imagined.

A story of mystic power. There is a suprising twist to this fish tale that teaches timeless truth and ensures its future as a fireside classic.

Fire Fish is a book about a girl fish and her two brothers who set out on a scary adventure to try to find their parents who were captured by fishermen. I like how it is the story of Moses from the fishes’ point of view. It is exciting and fun, and it has beautiful illustrations. They have many adventures, but the ending was my favorite part. I loved it.

By Meg A, Age 9

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