Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rick Aker's Blood Brothers ~ Reviewed

By Rick Acker
Published by Kregel Publications
359 pages

Back Cover:

In this intense sequel to Dead Man’s Rule, lawyer Ben Corbin finds himself caught between feuding brothers Karl and Gunnar Bjornsen. Having built a pharmaceutical empire from the ground up, the Bjornsen brothers are now developing a revolutionary new drug, a neutral stimulant that increases strength and intelligence. But its potential for success is rapidly destroying them. Warring for control of the company and the drug, Karl sues Gunnar, and Gunnar hires lawyer Ben Corbin to defend him. But the case involves more than bitter sibling rivalry. Signs of embezzlement, black market deals, and the grisly consequences of the Bjornsens’ new drug begin to emerge. Soon, Ben and his wife, Noelle, find themselves in Norway where the case takes a personal and violent turn.


Reading this fast legal suspense story, “Blood Brothers” was like being buckled into an intense thrill ride. You know the kind. The extremely amazing roller coaster ride with all its surprises, twists, turns, ups and downs. I just couldn’t put this book down. I kept reminding myself “This is just Fiction” (breathe)! What was so unnerving to me was the story line about the pharmaceutical companies and how they rule the world! (or would like to). It was fascinating and scary all at the same time when Rick Acker describes the internal workings of a large pharmaceutical company and how they interact with the FDA. All the court room drama in the story was just as powerful. It reminded me of the TV show Law and Order “Criminal Intent” on steroids, very vivid and deep.

Two brothers start a pharmaceutical company so both could use their talents and work together to build something they could be proud of. The company becomes more successful than either of them could imagine. The struggle for power and control of the money begins when they both think they have discovered the wonder drug of the century. The results of the animal testing is almost done, what do they have to show and tell the FDA to start human testing? The Bjornsen brothers start to see the billions that could be made if this drug was FDA approved.

I’ll leave you with a quote from Blood Brothers “Love does call, you know. He calls us to do what we cannot do alone. He asks us to give without counting the cost, to walk through the furnace, to love the unlovable. He asks everything of us, and He has the right to expect it…Because He gave everything for us!” Rick Acker unveils an example of this thru the story that will knock your socks off. This is one riveting story you won’t soon forget.

Reviewed by: Nora St.Laurent

Bonus Review:

Blood Brothers is like a John Grisham novel brought to the Christian fiction world. It is a suspenseful novel that spans the world from America to Norway. Corporate fraud, family feuds, and murder will keep you entertained as you turn each page.

Private investigators, lawyers, and FBI agents, this story has them all. Rick Acker has succeeded in presenting a colorful cast of characters that draw you in from the start. A romance gone wrong, a drug gone bad, and a murderer on the loose keep you guessing the whole way through. Blood Brothers is well worth the time.

Reviewed by: Shellie Powell

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