Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Allie Pleiter's The Perfect Blend ~ Reviewed

The Perfect Blend
By: Allie Pleiter
Published by Steeple Hill

Back Cover:

If I Brew It…They Will Come

Opening a Christian coffeehouse in Seattle—that was my dream. I wanted to call it Maggie Black’s Higher Grounds.

So when banker William Grey III denied my loan, I was crushed. But then Mr. Grey (who’s a tea drinker—figures!) explained that if I took his small-business course, the bank might reconsider my application. It would take the help of some of my fab coffee, but I was sure I could stay awake long enough to learn something. Besides, despite Grey’s stuffy façade, his velvety British accent could make even financial analysis sound interesting.


“This is not a case of if you brew it, they will come.”

Maggie Black doesn’t agree with William Grey’s assessment, even if she does find it funny. God has given her a plan, a five-year, no fail marketing plan, complete with all the details, right down to the napkins.

From the start, the concept of a heroine whose dream is to open a Christian coffeehouse in the heart of Seattle struck me as improbable and slightly hysterical. Yet with every page, I was drawn into the idea that even our most unlikely dreams become reality when placed in the hands of a loving and powerful God. That doesn’t mean there won’t be disappointments along the way, as Maggie and William quickly discover.

“I simply cannot believe,” he says as he bounds out of his car to hug me, “that God would bring you all this way, pull us together, place you in this class, do all this, only to have it go all wrong.”

This was a believable conflict that spoke to my very heart. Who hasn’t questioned God when circumstances send our dreams skittering out of reach? Yet it was the struggle of these characters to hang onto their faith while resisting the desire to fall in love that made them so much fun.

I admit it—I had to put this book down…long enough to grab a tissue to wipe the tears away because I was laughing so hard. Mixing spiritual truths with good humor, Allie Pleiter has brewed a book that kept this reader turning pages.

Review by Elizabeth Ludwig

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