Monday, June 02, 2008

Nancy Moser's Washington's Lady ~ Reviewed

By Nancy Moser
Published by: Bethany House
289 pages

Back Cover:

A Unique Look at Our Country’s Original First Lady.
Known for her moving first-person portrayals of Mozart and Jane Austen, award-winning author Nancy Moser now brings to life the loves, tragedies, and accomplishments of Washington’s Lady, the mother of the United States. It has been said that without George Washington, there would be no United States. But without Martha, there would be no George Washington. He called her “my other self”. Who was this woman who captured the heart of our country’s founder?

Martha Dandridge Custis was a wealthy, attractive widow and the mother of two small children when she was courted by the French and Indian War hero. Her new life as Martha Washington took her through blissful times at Mount Vernon, family tragedies, six years of her husband’s absence during the Revolutionary War, and her position as a reluctant First Lady.

Just in time for our country’s Independence Day celebrations, Washington’s Lady remembers and honors the life, the romance, and the sacrifice of our country’s founding president and his extraordinary wife.

Review: Martha Washington’s story surprised me. I knew nothing of this women and her great love for George Washington. I gained a new appreciation for America and how it was formed, what individuals formed it and their amazing fight for the freedom I enjoy. This was an exciting, powerful, heartfelt story told in first person; of one women’s life filled with tragedy and triumph that would affect so many around her. Without the deep convictions George Washington had and Martha decision to allow her husband to be all he could be for himself and this country; none of us would be enjoying, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness we have today. Nancy Moser brings history to life in a refreshing new way.

Through the eyes of Martha Washington I learned how determined, courageous and vital she was in getting the women together to fight just has hard as their men. History blanks were filled in for me as Martha Washington lead the women of her time to do their part in building the “United” States of America. I loved that Nancy Moser helped me learn even more about history by having the fact and fiction section in the back of the book, (before the discussion questions) it is there she reveals exactly what the “facts” were and what she made up to help the story flow.

Nancy has brilliantly brought fact and fiction together in Washington’s Lady to create a story you will never forget. Every time someone mentions George Washington you will automatically recall a woman’s deep love for her husband and this country. The sacrificial story of Martha and George Washington and how they rose above their circumstances to answer the call this country put on their lives. You’ll remember that with God’s help all things were made possible for them and for us.

Reviewed by: Nora St.Laurent

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