Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Kimberly Stuart's Act Two ~ Reviewed

Act Two
Kimberly Stuart
Paperback: 241 pages
Publisher: David C. Cook (May 2008)
English ISBN-10: 1434700119

Product Description

New Yorker Sadie Maddox is the toast of the classical music world and the queen of all she surveys in short, she's a bit of a diva. But lately her CD sales are sagging, not to mention parts of her anatomy. Maybe it's time for a change. Something new. A second act. So when her agent suggests she take on a professorship at a small liberal arts college, Sadie decides to give it a go. Ivy-covered walls, worshipful students . . . oh yes, the ivory tower has its appeal. And she needs the money.

Except the college is in rural Iowa, and the closest thing to designer clothes is the western wear shop down on Main Street. Sadie's colleagues are intimidated, her students aren't impressed, and she has to live far too close to farm animals.

And when Sadie meets Mac, a large animal veterinarian, she assumes they have nothing in common he is, after all, a country music fan.

But when the semester ends, Sadie packs up and decamps for the city that never sleeps . . . and

finds she can't, either. This laugh-out-loud novel about second chances will have readers cheering as Sadie struggles to find her life's second act.

My Review:

Sweetly sarcastic and fun, Act Two, delivers a snappy story about a fading opera star who's forced to spend time in a culture so foreign to New York City that the world as she knew it grinds to a halt. Kimberly Stuart handles prose with a delightful touch and the charm of small town Iowa was fabulously depicted. One glaring oversight jumped out at me, but didn't do more than cause a few moments of puzzlement. Act Two leaned more toward Chick-lit than romance though there were some great romantic moments. Act Two is a perfect escapist read and it would be a charming romantic comedy if Sandra Bullock is available. Does she sing? Hugh Grant as Mac, though I don't know if Hugh could pull off a two-step dance champion, country music loving, pig-pulling Iowan veterinarian. I'm going to snap up Kimberly Stuart books when I see them. Charming.

Reviewed by: Kelly Klepfer

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