Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Sharon Hinck's The Restorer's Son ~ Reviewed

The Restorer’s Son
The Sword of Lyric Book 2
By Sharon Hinck
Nav Press October 1, 2007
ISBN-10: 1-60006-132X

The Restorer’s Son tells an adventurous story through two interwoven narrations: Susan, a housewife who courageously defended a world far from home, and Kieran, a native of that world who is fighting his destiny.

After her strange and adventurous trip, Susan is readjusting to life in suburbia. But she and her husband, Mark, must now journey back to an alternate universe to save their trapped son.

While Kieran is the next Restorer, he is openly rebellious to his chosen role. Yet after a close encounter with the One, Kieran yields his strong will and makes a sacrificial choice to save his people.

Sharon Hinck presents the second release in the Sword of Lyric series, a unique blend of Christian, fantasy, and science fiction written with a woman’s sensibility. Female readers will uncover a story of empowerment that encourages a personal pursuit of destiny.

While The Restorer, Hinck’s first in the series, told a great tale, it really set the stage for The Restorer’s Son. I enjoyed this adventure even more than the first, perhaps because it was delightful to be back in Hinck’s fantasy world, but more likely because of the strength of the main character, Kieran.

Kieran is a rebel to the bone, but aren’t we all? His heart struggles in a mythical land are no different than my own in Suburbia, U.S.A. Hinck doesn’t gloss over real, raw emotions that are sometimes ugly.

My favorite scene is when a misty cloud in a shadowy clearing forms into a mighty warrior to fight Kieran. Hinck’s descriptions brought this confrontation to Technicolor life in my mind.

A fun read with a serious message—God expects us to yield to Him, and that will be accomplished whether we like it or not.

Reviewed by: Michelle Griep

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