Monday, October 29, 2007

Elizabeth Musser's Searching for Eternity ~ Reviewed

Searching for Eternity
By Elizabeth Musser
Published by Bethany House
ISBN 10: 0-7642-0372-X


A youth yanked out of the only life he's known to live on the other sire of the Atlantic with a grandmother he's never seen before...

A mother who shrugs off her son's anguish with breezy assurances like, "You'll love America, Emile."...

A father's sudden disappearance from his son's life with no explanation or even a good-bye...
French-born Emile de Bonnery lands in the strange environment of 1960s Atlanta with decidedly mixed emotions. Some memories make Emile want to believe the best of his father.

Others cause him to fear the worst. Does his mother know more than she's willing to tell?
Determined to learn the truth, Emile finds an ally and friend—who seems to be hiding secrets of her own. Together they search for answers...and what they find changes everything.


Musser does a credible job of this male POV, bringing him from childhood to adulthood emotions without crossing the line of believability. History and mystery are woven throughout this tale of love, of loss, and hard-won forgiveness.

The 60s were a turbulent time in the south, in our nation and the world. Only fifteen to twenty years had passed since the Great War. Musser's pen evokes an ambiance that wraps itself around the reader, drawing them deep into the story and the era. Searching for Eternity receives this reviewer's highest recommendation.

Reviewed by Ane Mulligan

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