Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Lori Copeland's Unwrapping Christmas ~ Reviewed

By Lori Copeland
Published by Zondervan
ISBN 10-0310272262


It’s that time of year again, and with excitement and high expectations, Rose has planned the perfect Christmas for her family and friends. But when she feels them drifting away during a time that should celebrate togetherness, Rose is forced to slow down in the most unexpected way. In this winsome, uplifting story, she discovers the true meaning of giving.


It’s short, sweet and packs a powerful punch. Lori reveals through her main character, Rose, what loving one another looks like. Rose is challenged by another verse “Be still and know I am God.” She is rarely still long enough to know God is God – too busy. Sound familiar? Another verse “Rest in His assurance.” Rest? Who has time for that? Things women struggle with daily. Lori reveals God’s love in action through Rose. This book will gently remind you in practical ways, how to love one another & rest in God’s assurance at Christmas and always.

Before some chapters begin, Lori weaves the meaning of Advent, explains the symbols and what they represent. The treat at the end of the story is the Bergman’s holiday traditional recipes talked about in the story.

Lastly, a powerful letter written by Karen Hancock titled Jesus Didn’t Hurry. This letter sums up the message of Unwrapping Christmas. A must read.

Reviewed by Nora St. Laurent
LifeWay Book Club Leader

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