Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Soul Hunter ~ Melanie Wells

The Soul Hunter
Melanie Wells
Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Multnomah
May, 2006
ISBN: 1590524276

Book Description

"Peter Terry Returns A knock at her door. A bloody axe. A murder weapon in her own living room. The elusive white man with the slash on his back is out hunting again, chasing souls. Peter Terry is haunting minds, invading dreams, and wrecking lives. As Dylan Foster searches for answers, she stumbles upon a dark cult of angel worship. Harking back to the days of Noah, it's now blinding and intoxicating young people, leading them to their deaths. In this battle for souls, everything's up for grabs, leaving Dylan grasping for strength as the battle rages around her. When at last she discovers the truth, it is far from the truth she expected."

Reviewed by
Gina Holmes

Although there is a super-creepy villain on the cover of The Soul Hunter, demonic Peter Terry doesn't make much of a show, making this novel have more of a super snarky chick-lit mystery feel rather than horror. In my opinion, what really makes this book stand out is the true to life heroine: A sassy thirty something, single, academic who always finds herself in the middle of one mess or another.

For mystery lovers, you'll be pleased by the twists Melanie throws at you. The writing is superb and the plot satisfying and unpredictable.

Melanie Wells is an excellent storyteller. Her writing is hip, sassy, relevant and highly entertaining.

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