Monday, June 05, 2006

Kathleen Morgan's Wings of Morning~Reviewed

Wings of Morning
By Kathleen Morgan
Published by Revell
ISBN 0-8007-5964-8
Book two of These Highland Hills

Can a forbidden love survive betrayal and suspicion in the Scottish highlands?

Orphan heiress and Scotswoman Regan MacLaren is a bride of only one day when her husband is murdered. Left alone to thwart the revenge her family seeks on her husband’s assassin, Regan suffers a terrible fall and loses her memory—and with it her place in the world.

Meanwhile, laird and warrior Iain Campbell is waiting for the love he knows God will bring him. But a woman near death and without a memory isn’t quite what he expected.

And so begin enormous challenges for Regan and Iain to overcome the unholy ambitions of others while love takes them by surprise.

Author Kathleen Morgan leads the reader on a kilt wrinkling adventure while all the while weaving in Biblical principles of trust and forgiveness. Be prepared to not only enjoy the fast-paced action, but also to do a fair amount of introspection on the state of your own willingness to forgive.

The character of Iain Campbell captured my allegiance from the start. His integrity and compassion, not to mention good looks, are what attracted me most. I must admit to some frustration with Regan and her ongoing mistrust and suspicions of Iain’s motives and behavior.
A fair amount of Scottish culture and history is painlessly inflicted in this enjoyable read—everything from marriage customs of the sixteenth century to weaponry. It also shows how easily the tension between clans combined with man’s inherent greed for power can flare into family feuds.

Overall, Wings of Morning is an enjoyable escape to another place and time and would be a great addition to anyone’s summer reading list.

Reviewed by Michelle Griep

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