Saturday, June 03, 2006

Ginny Aiken's Decorating Schemes~Reviewed

Decorating Schemes
By Ginny Aiken
Published by Revell
ISBN 0-8007-3045-3

Haley Farrell is getting her life under control. She's got a great design business, a successful auction house, and loving friends and family. But finding a dead girl on the patio is not a good way to start a decorating job--especially when your general contractor is the main suspect. And the body is only the beginning . . .

Ginny has spun a fun tale around a core of solid truth and does a wonderful job bringing the story to a satisfactory and surprising conclusion. For fans of the character Haley Farrell, this will be a delightful addition to the series. For someone introducing themselves to Ginny Aiken's stories with this book, you may be a little confused and find Haley's personality a bit over the top. Haley's struggle felt real enough, though for someone so concerned about finding the baby, it seemed to take forever for us to get to the actual search. Other than that small problem, the story is an enjoyable read and well written.

Reviewed by Sandra Moore

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