Thursday, June 15, 2006

Diann Hunt's RV There Yet? ~ Reviewed

RV There Yet?
By Diann Hunt
Published by WestBow
ISBN 1-5955-4142-X

Life's a journey. Midlife's an adventure. But two weeks in a RV with the hot-flash sisters could drive anyone over the hill.

DeDe signed on for this cross-country RV trip selflessly, for Millie and Lydia's sakes. Besides, she needed to get her mind off a love gone wrong and a demanding gourmet chocolates business. And it's for a good cause—sprucing up the old summer camp in Colorado to save it from closing. It will be a fun, memorable last hurrah before she turns fifty. Right?

But DeDe's more of a luxury hotel kind of girl. She likes mints on plumped pillows and room service. Bunking with friends in a motor home the size of a phone booth is not her style. And with the mysterious biker gang and a stalking boyfriend, the RV seems to be shrinking.

Still, with friends, a bountiful supply of truffles, and a boy from her past who has aged very well, this trip might be the best vacation ever!

A hilarious story that celebrates the life in midlife—even the occasional moose and mosquitoes—and the surprising grace of God.

Thelma and Louise move over! Hilarious doesn't begin to describe this Baby-Boomer's rollicking road adventure. I laughed out loud so much my husband made me read it in the other room. Every one of the zany situations they got into gave me a sense of déjà vu. I have to say, I really connected with DeDe—especially when it comes to Millie's trumpet. But the highlight for me was when DeDe decided to drive the RV—and landed … well, you'll just have to read it for yourself.

With a great storyline, terrific characters—each one different in personality, and a writing style that left me breathless, Diann Hunt has a hit on her hands. This will sit at the top of my 2006 list of most recommended books.

Reviewed by Ane Mulligan

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