Friday, August 26, 2011

Lacy William's Marrying Miss Marshal ~ Reviewed

Lacy Williams
Format: Paperback
Vendor: Steeple Hill Books
Publication Date: 2011
ISBN: 0373828810


Filling the shoes of her late husband as town marshall hasn't been easy for Danna Carpenter. She's not only fighting criminals, she's also fighting to earn the respect of the townspeople. So crossing paths with tenderfoot detective Chas O'Grady is the last thing she needs. He's hunting a band of cattle rustlers and isn't used to the rugged Wyoming landscape. Teaming up is their only option, but when circumstances place them in a compromising situation, the town forces a more permanent partnership-marriage. If they can let down their guards with each other they might find that love is the greatest catch of all.


Marrying Miss Marshall revolves around Danna Carpenter, who, due to the murder of her husband, has filled the role of town Marshall. In addition to fighting criminals and keeping her town safe, she is also trying to gain the respect and confidence of the town’s people. In the meantime, she crosses paths with Chas O’Grady, an inexperienced detective hunting a band of cattle rustlers. In the midst of teaming up to find the rustlers, they are forced into a compromising situation, which in turn forces them to marry.

This was a great book. I say it every time, but I love Christian historical fiction. A plus for me in this book is Danna’s character. She did her best to fill a man’s role as town Marshall, but throughout the story, you see her vulnerability. Under her hard exterior, she wants to be more feminine, and isn’t sure how to go about doing it properly. It’s fun to watch her character grow. It was a great read, and highly enjoyable.

Reviewed by: Sarah Porter

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