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Ace Collins's Jefferson Burke and the Secret of the Lost Scroll

Jefferson Burke and the Secret of the Lost Scroll
By Ace Collins
Published By Zondervan
ISBN# 978-0310279549
336 Pages

Back Cover:

Jefferson Burke and the Secret of the Lost Scroll is a mystery as old as the Christian church wrapped in a modern-day thriller. Though an unwilling hero, Professor Jefferson Burke's intellectual curiosity pits him against the powerful Bruno Krueger in a race to find a 2000-year-old scroll that calls into question the divinity of Christ and could shake the foundation of Christian faith, upsetting the balance of power in the modern world. Their deadly quest spans the globe, involving officials from the Vatican, CIA and FBI agents, British royalty, a Hollywood actress, and modern terrorists. This classic battle of good vs. evil will hook believers and doubters alike. The uncertainties raised by the very existence of the elusive scroll will have every reader questioning the basis of their faith and wondering what would happen if certain fundamental truths suddenly were proven untrue. Artfully and thoughtfully told, this is the kind of action-packed adventure story that will keep loyal Ace Collins readers---and increasing legions of new fans---coming back for more.


I was thankful to receive a review copy of Ace Collins larger-than-life fiction novel. Jefferson Burke reminded me a little bit of three movies, National Treasure, Indiana Jones and Da Vinci Code! What a mix!

Jefferson Burke is a school professor in America that reminds me a little of Harrison Ford’s character is compelled to uncover the mysteries and clues to find the Holy Grail. Jefferson has the same passion and is asked to find lost scrolls that if published could change life as everyone knew it.

Burke explains, “Curiosity is not a fight so much as a curse. Curiosity steals focus. It challenges patience and upsets emotions and plans. He knew this better than most. It was curiosity that drove his life, and it had almost ruined it more times than he could count.”

Ace Collins has a brilliant imagination and sets this mysterious story up with an explosive beginning. An old man asks Burke for help in finding the lost scrolls. He explains the urgency of mission was to beat Krueger, a cruel, evil man at finding them first. Krueger wanted the scrolls to rule the world and blackmail the church! The old man said the scrolls where from Joseph, the husband of Mary, mother of Jesus. Krueger was convinced the scrolls were lost because the Christians were hiding the fact that Jesus was actually the son of Joseph, not the son of God!

Jefferson Burke couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this one. He was drawn quest he couldn’t explain it. Life for Burke is suddenly turned upside down as he races to find the first clue in finding the ancient scrolls.

The government gets involved and sends Agent Cho to help Burke in this search. Cho had been doing extensive research in how secret societies hid the book of Joseph. Reluctantly Burke agrees to join forces with Agent Cho to case down clues and artifacts that take them all around the Globe.

While searching for the lost scrolls Cho and Jefferson are exploring their souls and wondering what they will do when they find the scrolls. Would they tell the world that Joseph was really the father of Jesus? Could they give that message to the world? They had and obligation to report the truth didn’t they? If Krueger got the scrolls first, he would blackmail the church and if they refused his demands Krueger would simply print the scrolls for the entire world to see. He’d take great satisfaction in planting the seeds of doubt across the world.

If you liked Indiana Jones, National Treasure or Da Vinci Code movies you will enjoy this thrill ride filled with action, adventure and suspense.

Reviewed by: Nora St.Laurent
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