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Jerry Jenkins's The Last Operative ~ Reviewed

The Last Operative by Jerry B. Jenkins
Genre: Christian Fiction (Espionage!)
Pages: 384 Trade Paperback
Date Published: June 24, 2010
Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Jordan Kirkwood wants to go quietly into the sunset. His career as an NSA intelligence officer has taken a significant toll. His two adult children are little more than distant acquaintances. His wife has been patient and supportive, but he knows she has deserved better. That was part of the reason they were going to London. He wanted her to see Europe like a tourist. But that was before he was given intelligence information during the recent mission to Germany. The threat is grave—bigger than 9/11. And the risk is compounded by the fact that someone inside the NSA is involved. The most hidden place in Kirkwood’s past will have to be unmasked in order to meet the challenges of this mission.


What an adventure! I agree with Jerry that this is an amazing book cover, it says so much. The Last Operative is a novel that keeps you going from page to page and chapter to chapter. It is one of those long lasting adventures where when you think something big and full of adrenaline just happened and that you and recuperate, something even bigger happens. To me at first the book ends abruptly, but in retrospect looking at it, it fits right in. Because if you blink, something else is going to happen!

Knowing that The Last Operative is a retelling of Jerry's first standalone novel is hard to fully grasp, because this book is so literal and set with today's political avenues, but then I guess history does repeat itself. Jordan Kirkwood is a great character, if you know me at you, you probably know that I have a very fond love of the television show and books Alias from J.J. Abrams and many other things espionage. Jordan is an NSA (National Security Agency) CIA-like (Central Intelligence Agency) operative and currently one of a kind. He is in for quite the unexpected adventure even in his line of work and his future and past as well as his faith are all at stake.

Jump on in and enjoy the story, but be prepared to put a little time aside to read the whole thing, because you won't want to stop.

*Thanks to Tyndale House Publishers for providing a copy for review.*

Reviewed by: Margaret Chind

Bonus Review:

I'm thankful to have received a review copy of The Last Operative, by Jerry Jenkins. He creates a story with a 007 type character that is faithful to his wife and family. Even though he’s away on missions and he doesn’t see his family much, he’s thankful to his wife for holding it all together while he’s away. He’s passionate about his family and will lay down his life for them.

Jordan Kirkwood, NSA intelligence operative is finally going to make his wife’s dream come true. She’s wanted to see Europe as tourists-Problem: he’s just found out a secret that could end life as he and everyone else knows it. Who can he trust? What can he do? “Jordan was tempted to break his cover, to assure the authorities that all the bullets had come from the same weapon! But he knew this would be determined soon enough by ballistics.” He could be compromised if he reveals this secret, but the situation will put the country on high alert—his life could unravel fast and furious if he does what he’s thinking about doing! What about his wife and kids? Everything he holds dear could change in the blink of an eye.

Unbelievable things happen to Jordan in his quest for answers. He even begins to question his faith in God and his own instincts become shaky. His life was turning upside down and inside out. Would he risk it all to find out what was really going on?

Jordan’s career has taken a toll on his family, because he hadn’t realized the stakes were so high until he learned of this secret. “Facing the ugliest side of himself. There’s no making up for lost time, is there? I’ve just royally screwed up my relationships with my kids.”

This book has it all - action, adventure, espionage, romance - and so much more. Jerry Jenkins creates likable characters on top secret missions that will have you up late to see what happens next. Jerry Jenkins says that this is a stand alone book he re-wrote for modern readers, but in my opinion, he did leave it open to a sequel. I’m just saying! Grin!

Reviewed by: Nora St. Laurent
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