Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lynch, Thrall, McNicols' Bo's Cafe ~ Reviewed

By John Lynch, Bill Thrall, Bruce McNicol
Published by Windblown Media
246 Pages

Back Cover:

High-powered exec Steven Kerner has no idea his tightly wound American dream is about to come crashing down. His high-profile, high-octane life has always provided everything he’s wanted. Or so he thought.
When his unresolved anger threatens his marriage, and his attempts to fix it only drive the one he loves further away, he is pushed to the brink. An invitation from mystery man, Andy Monroe, may be the greatest hope Steven’s ever been handed.


After reading the last page of this book I’m speechless, pondering all that I had read. Where do I begin to tell you the hope this book released in my heart, mind and emotions. The thing I LOVE about Christian Fiction is the fact that it can take you places you’d never go on your own. It can help you explain things that are just unexplainable, and put you in situations where you can see GRACE and LOVE in a very real way.

The opening scene read like the movie Mr. Destiny, where a distraught man heads to a run-down restaurant, meets a man that knows everything about him, then the distraught man makes a wish and lives his dream. No magic here -- only a book filled with hope in the future and a way to live life to the fullest. What does a real loving community of believers look like? You’ll meet Andy, Hank, Carlos and Cynthia, just to name a few of the fun loving, real characters; who tell it like it is. It’s refreshing and at times painful to read because I found them talking right to my heart!

Here’s a clip from the book—Steven and Andy first meet—he asks Andy a question.
” It starts young doesn’t it? They get hurt.”

Andy says, “All those people down there, walking and driving around, confused—angry, hurt, wounded, afraid, resentful—they all have something in common.”

“What’s that?” Steven says.

“…they’ve learned to protect themselves. Now they’re adults and they’re discovering this cruel secret: they can’t protect themselves. In fact, the last person who can protect them is them.” Wow!!
Bo’s CafĂ© helps me identify some of the lies that I believed about myself, some of the old tapes I had playing in my head until Jesus set me free. Andy takes it a little deeper in a very simple but profound way. It think this is a must read for everyone. I know that I’m going to be reading this book again and again, giving it out to my family and friends.

Reviewed By: Nora St.Laurent
Finding Hope Through Fiction

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