Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ace Collins's Farraday Road ~ Reviewed

Farraday Road
By Ace Collins
Published by Zondervan
ISBN# 978-0-310-27952-5
352 Pages

Back Cover:

A quiet evening ends in murder on a muddy mountain road.

Local attorney Lije Evans and his beautiful wife, Kaitlyn, are gunned down. But the killers don’t expect one of their victims to live. After burying Kaitlyn, Lije is on a mission to find her killer—and solve a mystery that has more twists and turns than an Ozark-mountain back road.

When the trail of evidence goes cold, complicated by the disappearance of the deputy who found Kaitlyn’s body at the scene of the crime, Lije is driven to find out why he and his wife were hunted down and left for dead along Farraday Road. He begins his dangerous investigation with no clues and little help from the police. As he struggles to uncover evidence, will he learn the truth before the killers strike again?


I bought this book because of the author Ace Collins, who is best known for his non-fiction books Stories Behind the Best-Loved Songs of Christmas,Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas, etc. He has been around for a long time and has written many books I’ve enjoyed. I was curious to see what Ace had up his sleeves in reference to fiction writing. Wow! I was pleasantly surprised, but then again I wasn’t. What else would you expect from such a gifted writer?

Ace starts out this book like the TV show Murder She Wrote. The murder happens in the first chapter or two. I didn’t know where he would go from there. Was it going to be gruesome or not? I’m happy to report, not!! Ace takes his time to let you get to know the town and it’s history, the victims, their lives, hopes and dreams. He does a great job of walking you down a path where clues are uncovered, only to find that more questions come to mind because of something recently discovered.

This book is also a little like the movie National Treasure, in the fact that there is a bit of history to be learned in the middle of all the action, mystery and adventure. Ace is very creative and clever in the way he lets the story unfold. You, the reader, discover all the clues at the same time as the characters in the book. If you are looking for all things to be tied up in a pretty bow at the end of this story, you won’t find it here. But, the good news for you is that Ace Collins’s new book, Swope’s Ridge, the sequel to this one, is out on bookstores right now.

This is definitely a "who-done-it", taken to a brand new level. I enjoyed Lije, the local attorney who’s wife was murdered. He has a whole new lease on life and will stop at nothing to solve his wife’s murder. I can’t wait to read the next installment.

Reviewed by: Nora St. Laurent
Finding Hope Through Fiction


Bea said...

I loved the book but now I want to read the next one to see if they figure out who is shooting at them I feel it is ABI boss

Anonymous said...

Excellent book. This is a keeper! I can't wait to read the second one.