Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Robert Elmer's The Owling ~ Reviewed

The Owling
By Robert Elmer
Zondervan books
ISBN: 987-0-310-71422-4

Those who live in lush comfort on the bright side of the small planet Corista have plundered the water resources of Shadowside for centuries, ignoring the existence of Shadowside’s inhabitants, who are nothing more than animals. Or so the Brightsiders have been taught.

It will take a special young woman to expose the truth—and to help avert the war that is sure to follow.

In book two, the world becomes even more confusing for fifteen-year-old Oriannon when her former music mentor, Jesmet, miraculously returns from the dead and promises his followers a special power called the Numa. But his is not the only offer of hope. Sola, Corista’s charismatic head of Security, proposes the Ultimate Solution for peace, and she recruits Oriannon to help her carry out her plan. But Oriannon’s closest friends are skeptical and try to convince her that the plan involves evil acts against the Owlings.

Will Oriannon embrace Sola’s solution as the answer to the world’s dilemma? Or will she believe the promise of a mysterious holy man?


The Owling is an eye-opening extension to the Shadowside trilogy. It is a book about what might have happened if Jesus had come to a different planet. It includes similar occurrences to the ones in the Bible. This book draws you so far in you don't even realize that you finished the chapter. You just go right on reading in desperation to find out what happens next.

Review by Reid, Age 12

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