Monday, March 30, 2009

Jill Williamson's By Darkness Hid ~ Reviewed

By Darkness Hid
Blood of Kings – Book 1
By Jill Williamson
Marcher Lord Press
ISBN: 978-0-9821049-5-8

Review by: Michelle Griep

Given the chance to train as a squire, kitchen servant Achan Cham hopes to pull himself out of his pitiful life and become a Kingsguard Knight. When Achan’s owner learns of his training, he forces Achan to spar with the Crown Prince, more of a death sentence than an honor. Meanwhile strange voices in his head cause him to fear he’s going mad. While escorting the prince to a council presentation, their convoy is attacked. Achan is wounded and arrested, but escapes from prison—only to discover a secret about himself he never believed possible.

By Darkness Hid is the first in the Blood of Kings series and wow…what a great start! Author Jill Williamson pulls the reader into this saga so completely that waiting for the rest of the series to be published will be agony indeed.

What I enjoyed most about Williamson’s style is her dialogue. Witty. Snappy. Humorous. The interaction between characters is entertaining and sometimes surprising. Williamson truly has a knack for clever conversation.

My favorite character is hero Achan Cham. Besides the fact that he’s handsome, this is one humble protagonist. He’s got his flaws all right, but he owns up to his shortcomings with a modest and sincere finesse. This is the kind of leading man every girl dreams of.

Williamson also weaves into her story a good amount of action/adventure as well. From reekat hunting to giant knights, there’s never a dull moment, and thrown into the mix are greedy, power-hungry nobles.

By Darkness Hid is definitely a jewel in the crown of Marcher Lord Press. Be sure to pick up this title for a great read.

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