Thursday, March 12, 2009

Jon Nappa's Storm Warriors ~ Reviewed

Storm Warriors
By Jon Nappa
Published by NavPress
ISBN# 978-1-60006-172-1
Pages 280

Back Cover:

Somewhere off the coast of England, Lionel Lunkin and his family fight for their lives. Caught in the cross hairs of a violent storm, their small ship is quickly slipping beneath the crashing waves. Lionel is miraculously washed to shore, only to discover that his wife and son are lost at sea.

Broken and alone, Lionel determines to help others avoid the same tragic fate. Now he will overcome tremendous odds to save countless lives and change the world forever.

Discover the incredible story of Lionel Lunkin, the inventor of the English lifeboat. Inspired by real-life rescues that took place in the nineteenth century, "Storm Warriors" shares a compelling story of personal tragedy to heroic triumph, and the inspirational legacy of one man who dared to make a difference.


I was submerged into raging storms and thrust onto ships battling Mother Nature herself from the very first page. I was swept up into this astonishing story that went from personal tragedy to God's victory in Lionel Lunkin’s life.

This riveting story shows how the enemy wanted to destroy Lionel life but God helped him overcome many horrendous circumstances. His passion to save others from shipwrecks brought a community together in the most unlikely way. I love how Lionel talks to himself and says, “Now he wondered if it was an idea that had existed long before he had ever thought of it. Had he found it, or had it found him?”

Lionel is definitely a 'Rocky Balboa' type of guy - fighting for something he believes in with his whole heart. The scripture about laying your life down for another becomes real to Lionel as he embarks on this new lot in life.

While reading this book, I experienced the ocean and storms like I have never done before. Jon Nappa has a way of putting you in the middle of the action. He has one of his characters say this about the ocean, “…We didn’t kill your family. The sea rules the coast. The sea decides who lives and who dies. It’s the way of things…” Because Jon’s story was based on real life events I couldn’t stop thinking about the characters and circumstances long after reading the very last page. Jon’s story will change the way you look at lifeboats and life situations forever.

Reviewed by: Nora St.Laurent – Book Club Servant Leader

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