Sunday, April 01, 2007

Gilbert Morris's The Miracle ~ Reviewed

The Miracle
By Gilbert Morris
Published by Zondervan
ISB-10: 0-310-25234-2

Raising four strong-willed younger siblings after her mother's death and her father's imprisonment, seventeen-year-old Lanie Freeman never knows what new adventure will roll into view—such as her brother's wild idea to turn the family's old truck into a traveling store.

The Freeman Rolling Emporium could provide the financial security Lanie and her family so desperately need, or it could tear them, apart. Yet it's only a prelude to other changes. Author Brent Hayden's arrival in Fairhope breathes fresh life into Lanier's dream of becoming a writer. And then the hammer descends …

Lanie's father is diagnosed with cancer, and the faith and unity of her family are stretched to the limit. And on top of this shattering news, a crisis is about to strike that will rock the whole town of Fairhope—and shatter Lanie's dreams of love.

The Miracle continues the story of a young woman's valiant struggle to uphold her faith, her family, and her dreams during the height of the Great Depression.

With quirky characters and a good plot, The Miracle picks up where The Dream left off. Morris is an accomplished story-teller who doesn't let his fans down. The Miracle encompasses all the things that make a story memorable: love, humor and a bit of suspense. A great book for curling up in a hammock with.

Reviewed by Ane Mulligan

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