Friday, April 06, 2007

Debra Clopton's Dream a Little Dream ~ Reviewed

Dream a Little Dream
By Debra Clopton
Published by Love Inspired
ISBN-10: 0373874227

It was just a local newspaper column, right? But when reporter Molly Popp touted the marriage-worthiness of local rancher Bob Jacobs, would-be wives descended on his Mule Hollow ranch by the busload. Molly felt guilty for the ruckus she'd caused -- especially when Bob was injured rescuing an overzealous admirer from a bull. There was nothing else city-slicker Molly could do but pitch in and help Bob out.

That is, until worked or her column brought the job offer she'd been praying for and a choice she never thought she'd have to make: a Manhattan byline or Mule Hollow's most eligible bachelor.

"Dream a Little Dream" follows up the storyline from "The Trouble With Lacy Brown." I'd suggest reading the first book in the series as I had a little trouble putting the pieces together in "Dream a Little Dream."

Once I figured out the cast of characters, I sailed right through "Dream." If you loved "Trouble"or like your romance full of cute humor and descriptions of beefcake (pun intended - Bob's a rancher) I think you might enjoy "Dream."

If you've always wanted to be a reporter but haven't done anything about it, or love the idea of bottle feeding a baby calf, or are interested in rodeo, ditto.

Debra Clopton fan? I imagine you'll find much to like. I've not read her before but if you like sassy southern girls, yellow bugs, puppies and men with navy blue eyes, dark curls and dimples, well you might want to look into grabbing a few Clopton romances.

Reviewed by Kelly Klepfer

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