Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Chuck Black's Kingdom's Call ~ Reviewed

Kingdom's Call
By Chuck Black
Multnomah Books, May 15, 2007
ISBN-10: 1-59052-750-X

The final three books in the Kingdom series for young readers follow the life of Sir Gavin, a Noble Knight who aids in the execution of a stranger who comes from a distant land claiming to be the King's son. When an unexpected encounter changes his life—and the kingdom itself—Sir Gavin received a new name and a mission to take the Prince's message not just to the people of Chessington but to everyone in the kingdom of Arrethtrae. The quest for good in a dark world climaxes years later when the evil Dark Knight, Lucius, reigns in Arrethtrae with complete authority. Will the King himself be able to return Arrethtrae to the land of light it was created to be?

Written for children ages 10-15, the Kingdom series depicts the battle of good and evil without using magic, mysticism, or witches. Spanning the time of Jesus to Paul's conversion to the second coming of Christ and the book of Revelation, the final three books in the series will remind children of their own significance in God's kingdom.

I really liked this book. It was the most unpredictable Christian book I have ever read. With terrific battle sequences, intense duels, and a story line from the Bible. I highly recommend this book.

Reviewed by Reid Ausband
Age 11

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