Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rachel Hauck's Lost in NashVegas ! Reviewed

Lost in NashVegas
By Rachel Hauck
Published by WestBow
ISBN 10: 1-59554-190-X

Last week, I stocked groceries in Freedom, Alabama. This week, I live in Nashville, Tennessee, about to take the stage at the famous Bluebird Café.

Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? Only one problem. I've got stage fright. But after years of being ruled by fear and hiding from my dream, I confronted my limited reality and left home. Forget the hometown hunk who wants to make me queen of his doublewide. Forget Momma's doubt-inspiring tirade. I can make it in Music City … can't I?

So I took a leap of faith, gathered my old guitar, my notebook of songs, and packed up my '69 Chevy pickup. Look out NashVegas!

With the help of some new friends, especially handsome Lee Rivers, my dream is about to find the light of day, But as I face my first night at the Bluebird Café, I realize … I might just do what comes naturally. Look for the nearest exit, and run!

I read a lot of books as a reviewer, and once in a while one comes along that teaches me something. Lost in NashVegas is one of those books. Hauck employs some of the richest characterizations I've read. From the first paragraph, I was mesmerized by her artistry and story. Her characters two-step right off the pages and into your heart.

I was transported to the tiny town of Freedom, Alabama with its doublewide down-home traditions—big on hospitality but a place where dreams die. When Robin escapes to Music City USA—Nashville, the book takes on a new spirit. of expectancy and excitement. NashVegas—where dreams come true. And expect the unexpected in Lost in NashVegas.

A highlight of my reading year, Lost in NashVegas receives Novel Reviews, and my highest recommendation.

Reviewed by Ane Mulligan

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