Wednesday, November 08, 2006

L. Frank James' An Opened Grave ~ Reviewed

An Opened Grave
By L. Frank James
Publisher: The Salt Works
ISBN: 193408000

When Sherlock Holmes comes out of retirement to solve a missing person case, the logical Holmes is unprepared for the mystery that finds him. The power of prayer leaves the detective unable to rest until he discovers the truth for himself. Soon, Dr. Watson joins Holmes in what proves to be the most difficult, dangerous and inspiring of cases: a journey to the heart of Christianity itself.

James has captured the classical writing style of the great Sherlock Holmes mysteries, and An Opened Grave is certain to touch the hearts of his Christian audience in a very special way.

Die-hard mystery fans may be initially disappointed when the famous duo finds a time-machine which enables them to experience the time of Christ firsthand. However, James has used the unlikely scenario as an artful vehicle and unique platform on which to base the logical debates between Watson and Holmes as they experience beliefs and miracles in modern England and the ancient Middle East. James’ ability to present both sides of each debate is admirable.

While An Opened Grave is entertaining, the book’s debates are what will stay with his readers long after they have put the book down.

Reviewed by Marjorie Smith

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Tina said...

Great thoughts Marjie. Thanks for such a well written review.