Saturday, November 04, 2006

Brandt Dodson's The Root of All Evil ~ Reviewed

The Root of All Evil
by Brandt Dodson
Published by Harvest House Publishers
ISBN #978-0-7369-1811-4

Wealthy businessman Berger Hume is dying. And the one thing he wants most is the one thing his millions cannot buy--a relationship with the son he has never met. As Colton Parker, private investigator, searches to locate the son, he finds himself the target of threats from a powerful gang with ties that extend to high-level government. Will this race against time become a race for his own life?

Following the success of Brandt's first two books in the Colton Parker Mystery series—Original Sin and Seventy Times Seven—this third installment offered high energy and lots of gunshots, a few dead bodies, and the hint of romance. The short chapters helped grind the edge of the action to a sharp point. Though the plot offered few surprises for this well-read suspense/mystery reader, the dialogue is sharp and plentiful, with a good mix of narrative to ground each scene and further develop Colton's character. A strange mix of gang members add to the interest of the story, as does his relationship with Mary; Colton is clueless and hesitant to assert himself when she admits to dating someone else, but the writing is on the wall, so to speak. All in all, a great read, with enough excitement for anyone who enjoys a good mystery/suspense.

S. Dionne Moore
Murder on the Ol' Bunions
Barbour Heartsong Mysteries, 2007

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