Friday, August 11, 2006

Siri Mitchell's The Cubicle Next Door ~ Reviewed

The Cubicle Next Door
By Siri Mitchell
Harvest House Publishers
ISBN 978-0-7369-1758-2

Jackie Harrison, a computer administrator at the Air Force Academy, is a self-proclaimed geek who must share her cubicle space with the new guy, instructor and former pilot Joe Gallagher. She turns to her online journal to vent and eventually to express her growing feelings toward this office neighbor who is everything she is not--fun, happy, and social.

But when her blog is featured as a top pick on primetime news, everyone reads it--including Joe. Will he figure out the words of adoration and confusion are written about him? And will Jackie ever risk expressing her heart offline?

In this wonderfully witty story of love, forgiveness, and finding the strength to move on despite ones past, Siri Mitchell has created two unforgettable characters. Joe is lovable in his enthusiasm and determination, contradicting the surly, cynical attitude of his new and geeky cubicle mate.

Despite Jackie's reluctance to leave her comfort zone, Joe opens up a world of fun and excitement that draws her in. But in direct proportion to Jackie's ability to have fun, is her fear of letting go.

Though I tripped over some of the military humor, not being military, I highly recommend this contemporary chick-lit style romance. You'll find the story fresh and the verbal sparring between Joe and Jackie laugh-out-loud fun.

Reviewed by S. Dionne Moore
Murder on the Ol' Bunions/ Summer of 2007

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