Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Marta Perry's Tangled Memories ~ Reviewed

Tangled Memories
By Marta Perry
Published by Steeple Hill
ISBN 0373873840

All Corrie Grant wanted was to know who she was – where she came from. Raised from infancy by her great Aunt Ella, Corrie longed to understand what had happened to her parents and why their love hadn’t held their tiny family together.

After the death of Aunt Ella, Corrie found herself sorting through family papers turning up her birth certificate with her father’s name blank. She eventually learned her father was from the blueblood of Savannah, Ga.

Baxter Manning was an elderly tycoon who held a self-righteous control over his family. He manipulated their every move and when they stepped out of line, the price was a heavy one. After all, who wants to be disowned by one of the wealthiest men in Savannah? Corrie finds her way into Baxter’s presence, demanding to know about her father, Trey Manning, Baxter’s son. She didn’t want his money, and she didn’t want his name. She only wanted to understand.

Upon her entry into the Savannah home, she meets Lucas Santee, the right-hand man to Baxter, and the one who keeps the family in line and at peace. But the Manning family immediately takes the offensive, accusing Corrie of being there to take their place as heirs to the family money. Pettiness, greed, and selfishness all play a part in trying to rid Savannah of Corrie and her questions.

Numerous attempts are made on Corrie’s life as she tries to piece the family puzzle together. Which member is desperate enough to kill for the family money? Is it Eulalie, the family matriarch; Deidre, the spoiled southern daughter, or Ainsley, her brother? Perhaps it’s Lynda, the long-time family friend. Just how far will this Georgia blueblood family go to keep their secrets buried and their money safe? The distance…they’ll go the distance.

This love-inspired suspense is a fast read, loaded with twists, turns and sudden jolts which hold you tight into the story. Marta Perry does a wonderful job of intertwining Corrie’s determination with her faith and allows her goodness, witness and her honesty to change the heart of one man. Her ability to gently place a spiritual message neatly within the pages of her books makes this read an especially pleasurable one.

Four stars to Marta Perry.

Reviewed by Cindy Sproles

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